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March 13, 2020


As the global concerns about the Coronavirus outbreak grows, we will be doing our best to keep everyone healthy and safe while minimizing the disruptions to our day to day operations.  We are closely monitoring the ever-evolving situation and we want you to have the most trusted up-to-date information.  We recommend that you visit these specific websites:






We understand the current outbreak is causing a major impact upon our daily life at work and home.  Everyone must take steps to keep the workplace and home safe.  Community Support Service personnel and providers should always adhere to the guidelines to promote safety.


  1. Wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds or more.

  2. Proper cough and sneeze hygiene

  3. Stop touching your face



  1. Stay at home if you or household member are experiencing a cold, or flu like symptoms.  Contact your medical doctor immediately.

  2. CSS will mail or emails forms and documents to providers or you can access from our website (password css1999)

  3. All home visits will be canceled for the remainder of the month of March

  4. Program Managers will be working from the office. We will come to the home as needed.  Our desire is to keep you and your household safe and healthy.

  5. Please call the office staff or your Program Manager before arriving at any office location.

  6. Mail in documentation at the end of the month.



  1.  We will be calling you more frequently due to reduction of home visits

  2.  Please check the following daily: email, Therap splash message- seen on computer only, and Community Support Service website and Facebook page



  1. Ensure you have proper household cleaning supplies, food staples.

  2. Review medication refills, check for the number of refills left. Contact   doctor immediately.  If possible, explore mail order delivery of medication

  3. Identify drug stores and grocery stores that deliver to your home.

  4. Visitors to your home should follow your household guidelines to reduce possible exposure to the virus.


This is a concerning time for the whole world.  We all want to survive this pandemic healthy and strong.  We are here to help provide as much information that we know.  Please visit the CDC and DHHS websites daily.

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