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AFL Care Providers, Therapeutic Foster Parents, & Relief Staff Needed

Community Support Service is continuously looking for motivated, compassionate people to work as AFL Care Providers, Therapeutic Foster Parents, & Relief Staff.  Our application for employment is available below & should be submitted in person or via mail to the appropriate address listed on the top of the application. 


****Please note that in addition to the completed application, we will also need the following items before we can process your information:

____Local criminal record/background check (from the county courthouse) for anyone residing in your home who is 18+ years of age

____Copy of academic Transcript/Diploma/GED to verify highest level of education


Individuals interested in Therapeutic Foster Care should also visit the link below for a brief online orientation. Please print your certificate when complete, & submit with your application.

Licensing/Hiring Process



Complete the CSS Application, available in our office or at the link above.  Submit application along with a criminal record check for anyone in the home 18 or older.


Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview within approximately 3-4 weeks (once reference checks have been completed).  Applicants not chosen for an interview will receive a letter & criminal record checks will be returned.


During the interview process you will be informed about AFL/Therapeutic Foster Care responsibilities, the licensing process, & training requirements.

Meet Home Requirements

Selected applicants will be given 30 days to bring their homes up to the state & agency standards for licensure.  

Obtain Training

After an applicant's home is approved, they will then be taken through an orientation process, a series of trainings, and the licensing process (if applicable).

Ready for Referrals

Congratulations!  Once you've met all the home requirements and completed your trainings, a CSS staff member will contact you as referrals for placements are received and appear to be a good match for your home.

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