AFL Care Providers, Therapeutic Foster Parents, & Relief Staff Needed

Community Support Service is continuously looking for motivated, compassionate people to work as AFL Care Providers, Therapeutic Foster Parents, & Relief Staff.  Our application for employment is available below & should be submitted in person or via mail to the appropriate address listed on the top of the application.


Individuals interested in Therapeutic Foster Care should also visit the link below for a brief online orientation. Please print your certificate when complete & submit with your application & criminal record checks.

Licensing/Hiring Process



Complete the CSS Application, available in our office or at the link above.  Submit application along with a criminal record check for anyone in the home 18 or older.


Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview within approximately 3-4 weeks (once reference checks have been completed).  Applicants not chosen for an interview will receive a letter & criminal record checks will be returned.


During the interview process you will be informed about AFL/Therapeutic Foster Care responsibilities, the licensing process, & training requirements.

Meet Home Requirements

Selected applicants will be given 30 days to bring their homes up to the state & agency standards for licensure.  

Obtain Training

After an applicant's home is approved, they will then be taken through an orientation process, a series of trainings, and the licensing process (if applicable).

Ready for Referrals

Congratulations!  Once you've met all the home requirements and completed your trainings, a CSS staff member will contact you as referrals for placements are received and appear to be a good match for your home.

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