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Community Support Service (or CSS) was founded by Regina Ferguson in March of 1999.  Mrs. Ferguson's experience at that time ranged from working in group home facilities to overseeing the residential program at the Guilford Center (formerly known as the Kendall Center). Throughout her years in the Human Services field, Regina saw the need and potential benefits for individuals to reside in family-style homes in the community as opposed to group homes or institutional settings.  When residential services were divested by the state in 1998, she cashed in her 401K and took a leap of faith to start her own business, Community Support Service, LLC. Originally working out of her car, an apartment, and the local library, she began to grow the business until moving into her first office on Summit Ave.  Within a few years, and after several more location changes, CSS found its permanent home in Four Seasons Executive Office Park. The business also expanded, adding an office in the Hillsborough area.  Community Support Service's growth & sustainability can be attributed to the love, compassion, and dedication Mrs. Ferguson has for the population served, as well as the extraordinary individuals (consumers, careproviders, foster parents, & QPs) that have become a part of the family along the way.



Community Support Service is an agency committed to providing quality Family Style Residential Services.  We strongly believe that individuals who are currently institutionalized or placed in group-home settings can better benefit from a private home placement.  Community Support Service is founded on the belief that a person can achieve desired goals with the assistance of support systems.  We believe that the most compounding and influencing factors that contribute to one’s ability to establish, implement, and accomplish desired goals are rooted in the make-up of the home environment.



Community Support Service is a private agency that offers specific comprehensive services to each individual served.  Our agency provides services to Innovations recipients with developmental disabilities as well as adults with mental retardation/mental illness.  We also provide Therapeutic Foster Care to children identified as At-Risk Youth.  Community Support Service offers a variety of support services to our consumers, staff, and families.  We are committed to ensuring that each client functions at his or her full potential in the home and the community.

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